Local Fixed Route Fares

Local fares apply to travel within Marin County on Marin Transit and Golden Gate Transit services. Other fare information not shown in the table below include: ParatransitCatch-A-RideGolden Gate Bus, Golden Gate Ferry, and SMART Rail.

Fare Type Cash Clipper 1 Day Pass 31 Day Pass
Adult $2.00 $1.80 $5.00 $40.00
Seniors (age 65+) $1.00 $1.00 $2.50 $20.00
Persons with Disabilities* $1.00 $1.00 $2.50 $20.00
Youth (5-18) $1.00 $1.00 $2.50 $40.00
Children Under 5
(up to two per adult)
Free Free Free Free
College of Marin students
(With validated COM Card)
Free Free Free Free

* For discount you may show a DMV Disabled Placard ID, RTC Discount Card, Medicare Card, or ID card for persons with disabilities from another transit service. Personal service assistants are eligible for 50% off the adult cash fare only when accompanying a person with disabilities who has an attendant logo on his/her RTC Discount Card.

Paying Your Fare


Clipper is the Bay Area’s electronic fare payment option that offers integrated transfers between all transit operators in the region. When paying with a Clipper Card onboard Marin Transit services, be sure you tag on when boarding the coach and tag off as you exit to ensure you are charged the appropriate amount.

You can setup a new card on your smartphone, buy one online, or buy a card in person. Learn More

Cash fares

Pay your cash fare as you board the bus by inserting cash or coins in the farebox. The farebox will not accept bills over $20. Bills should be flat and unfolded. Drop coins one at a time. Be sure to advise the driver if you need a transfer.

If your change exceeds $1, you will be issued a change card that can be used on future bus rides. The value of the change card will be printed on the back.

Change cards

Insert your change card in the activation slot on the top left of the farebox. The farebox will deduct the appropriate fare and the remaining balance will be printed on the back of the card. If the remaining balance on your card is less than your appropriate fare, you can use up to three cards (insert the lowest balance card first) or combine the card(s) with cash to pay your fare.

Day passes

Day passes provide unlimited travel on local Marin Transit routes for a 1-day period and can be purchased onboard the bus. Day Passes are valid from the time of purchase until the end of that service day. The typical service day starts at 5:30 am and ends 2.5 hours after midnight. Tell the driver that you'd like to purchase a Day Pass and if you qualify for a discount. Insert exact fare ($5 for adults, $2.50 for youth/senior/disabled) into the farebox using the dollar bill and coin slot. The farebox will eject a magnetic striped card, which you will need to swipe on any additional buses you ride that day. Passes are then swiped or dipped into the farebox upon boarding each bus.

Monthly passes

Monthly passes are activated at first use and are good for 31 days. To activate your pass, dip your pass in the activation slot on the top left of the farebox. For all following trips during the pass validity period, swipe your pass by sliding it through the diagonal slot located at the top right of the farebox with the magnetic stripe facing you.

Annual Youth Pass

Annual passes are available for Marin County students ages 18 and under. Learn More


Discounted fares and passes are available for those who qualify.


Clipper provides a 10% discount off the adult cash fare for travel within Marin County. Learn more

Clipper START (income based)

Clipper START provides single-ride discounts to eligible riders. Eligible riders receive 50% discount off the cash fares on local riders within Marin County. To qualify, you must be a resident of San Francisco Bay Area, 19-64 years old and have household income of 200% of the federal poverty level or less. Learn more


Discounted Fares: Youth (ages 5-18), seniors (ages 65+), and persons with disabilities receive 50% off the adult cash fare when they show proof of eligibility. Youth and Senior Clipper cards automatically provide the discounted rate. Learn more about Youth and Senior Clipper cards.  Seniors must have a valid Medicare Card, DMV ID card/license, or senior ID from another California transit service. Persons with disabilities must have a DMV Disabled Placard ID, RTC card, Medicare card, or ID card for persons with disabilities from another transit service. Personal service assistants are eligible for 50% off the adult cash fare only when accompanying a person with disabilities who has an attendant logo on his/her RTC Discount Card.

Passes for Older Adults and People with Disabilities: The Marin Access Fare Assistance (MAFA) program provides eligible riders $75 of credit per quarter (three month period) to use for trips on local Paratransit, and Marin Access shuttles, and the ability to opt-in to receive a free pass to use on Marin Transit local bus service. Learn More

Passes for Students: Students from income-qualified household may be eligible for a free annual Youth Pass.

Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount Card

The RTC card is available at no charge to qualified persons with disabilities. The card makes it easier to demonstrate your eligibility for reduced fares on fixed-route transit, bus, rail and ferry systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The RTC card does not determine eligibility for paratransit services.

Applications for the RTC Discount ID Card are accepted at San Francisco Bay Area transit agency locations and forwarded to a central processing office, where application information is verified. Qualified applicants are then mailed the new RTC card.

To apply, please complete an application form and bring it to the Customer Service Center at the San Rafael Transit Center, Monday - Friday, 7 am to 6 pm, or call 415-455-2000. Learn more


Advise the driver of your destination when boarding the bus and, if you need a transfer to continue your trip, be sure to ask for one when paying your cash fare. If you are using Clipper, you do not need to obtain a transfer, as transfers are automatically tracked on your card.

Transfers to Marin Transit Buses: Riders are eligible for up to two free transfers within Marin County for up to two hours. 

Transfers to Golden Gate Transit Buses: Riders traveling within Marin County are eligible for up to two free transfers for up to two hours. Riders traveling regionally get a discount of the Marin Transit fare ($2.00 for cash fare, $1.80 for Clipper). 

Transfers to/from SMART: Riders transferring to or from SMART get a discount of $1.50. Riders must use Clipper or the SMART mobile app to use SMART.  

Transfers have the following restrictions:

  1. Travel must be made within two hours from time of issuance or otherwise indicated on the transfer
  2. Travel can be made on any local route and in any direction within the two hour window
  3. Transfers are issued by bus operator only at time fare is paid. Advise driver or agent of your destination and intention to transfer when boarding
  4. A transfer can be used only by the person to whom it is issued

Where to Buy Passes

Day passes can be purchased through the farebox on the bus.

Monthly passes can be purchased: