Marin Access Passenger Portal

Marin Access Passenger Portal allows riders or rider delegates to book paratransit trips, manage their Marin Access account, and add value to their account online.


Marin Access Passenger Portal (MAPP) accounts are set up during the eligibility certification process. During the application process you will be asked to indicate whether you want to use Passenger Portal. Once your application has been approved, the Travel Navigator team will provide information on how to log in and use the MAPP. 

All existing Marin Access clients are eligible to use the MAPP, with the exception of regional riders that live outside of Marin County. If you are an existing client, call the Travel Navigators or visit and register using your Marin Access ID or First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth. Your Marin Access ID is available from the Travel Navigator team by request. Once your registration request is received, our team will review your account and then send a welcome email with login information.   


Individuals that would like to manage or pay for trips on behalf of a Marin Access rider can sign up to use the Marin Access Passenger Portal as a delegate. To learn more about this option, contact the Travel Navigators at (415) 454-0902. 

Trip Booking

You can use the MAPP to book trips for Local Paratransit. When booking a trip through Marin Access Passenger Portal you must follow the same policies and procedures as trips booked through scheduling line.

  • Trips can be booked 1 – 7 days in advance.
  • Booking trips through MAPP for the next day must be done by 4pm; you can still call in to schedule a trip for the next day up until 5pm when the scheduling office closes.
  • Trips can be cancelled in MAPP with the exception of trips occurring on the same day. All trips occurring on the same day must be cancelled by calling the scheduling team.
  • For clients that have active subscription trips, changes must be made by calling the scheduling team.


Adding value

When using Marin Access services you are expected to either pre-pay your fare through the MAPP or pay cash upon boarding. To add value to your account click the “Payment” link on the left-hand side of the site. Once you add your payment information you will be able to add value to your account according to the value limits shown below.

Value Limits

  • Minimum Top Up = $20 (this is the minimum value you can add)
  • Maximum Top Up = up to $250 (this is the maximum value you can add per transaction)
  • Maximum Account Balance = $250 (this is the maximum value you can have in your account)

When adding value, if a transaction is successful, the value is added immediately and can be used to book trips. For all transactions, you will receive an email receipt. Marin Transit does not collect or store your payment information locally; we use a third-party payment processor and staff do not have access to your payment account information.

Using value

Value added to your account can be used to pay for fares for Local Paratransit, Regional Paratransit, and Marin Access Shuttles. Value added to your account cannot be used to pay for Catch-A-Ride or local or regional bus service. All fares are deducted from account at the time of booking, this means that the date of the fare deduction may not match the date of the trip the fare was applied to. Value added will apply to all trips booked regardless of service used. If you cancel your trip within our guidelines (ie. two hours in advance) the fare will be returned to your account within 24 hours.

Delinquency / Insufficient Funds

All riders must have value in their online account when booking a trip or must pay by cash when boarding. Delinquency or insufficient funds will not be allowed. When boarding the vehicle for your trip the driver will confirm the fare owed; if you do not have this fare upon boarding from your origin, you will not be permitted to ride. It is your responsibility to manage your account balance and ensure you have the appropriate fare.

MAPP Credit Card Charges

When value is added to your account, the charge to your credit card statement will come from MCTD - Marin County Transit District. If you believe that value has been added to your account without your knowledge, contact us at to resolve. If a rider disputes charges to a MAPP Payment account, the ability to add or use value in the account will be immediately revoked until an investigation can be completed. Marin Access staff will attempt to reach the client and/or delegate by phone or email to review the fraudulent charges and resolve the incident. If the event the client and/or delegate cannot be reached or is not responsive, access to the payment account will be suspended until they can be reached. Eligible riders will be required to pay cash at boarding for all trips until the investigation is completed and/or the client or delegate contacts Marin Access staff to resolve.  

Closing Account / Refunds

Marin Access only offers refunds for value added in the MAPP in the instance of an account closure. Individuals who no longer wish to use Marin Access services can email or call the Travel Navigators to request an account closure. A request for account closure will terminate eligibility, and if rider wishes to use the service(s) in the future, they will have to reapply for eligibility. If the request for account closure is due to an individual that has died, a death certificate will be required. Account closures and any associated refunds can take up to 60 days from the date of request.

For more information, view the full MAPP Payments Terms & Conditions (last updated on October 19, 2022): English | Spanish


There are a variety of resources to help you learn how to use the Marin Access Passenger Portal. Use the "Help" link on the left-hand side of the site (visible when logged in at We also offer group or 1:1 training by request. We encourage you to explore these resources. 

Marin Transit respects the privacy of all Marin Access riders; visit to review our Privacy Policy. 


If you have any questions about the Marin Access Passenger Portal, contact the Marin Access Travel Navigators.