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Mon, Aug 10, 2020

Marin County Transit District conducted an online survey in summer 2020, to collect feedback from riders to assess attitudes, and understand how people feel about using the public transit in the current context. The survey also intended to identify measures that will improve rider confidence and feelings of safety using Marin Transit services.

Tue, Aug 4, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Marin County Public Health Officer requires Marin Transit to limit the number of passengers onboard a bus to allow for adequate physical distancing. In order to accommodate as many passengers as possible and to provide more frequent service, on August 10, 2020, Marin Transit will begin operating additional “Supplemental Routes” to connect passengers to their destinations more quickly. These routes will operate Monday – Saturday starting August 10, 2020. More information about maps and schedules are provided on the individual route pages linked below.

  • Route 117 provides additional service along Route 17 between Marin City, Mill Valley, Strawberry and the San Rafael Transit Center.

  • Route 122 provides additional service along Route 22 between the San Rafael Transit Center and College of Marin via 4th St in San Rafael.

  • Route 135 provides service along Route 35 within the Canal area of San Rafael and the San Rafael Transit Center.

  • Route 171 provides service along the Highway 101 corridor from Novato to Marin City with service to all Highway bus pad stops and the San Rafael Transit Center.

Tue, Jun 30, 2020

Marin Transit, in collaboration with the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM), is excited to announce that starting July 1st, Connect will transition from the Marin Transit app to the Uber app platform and be part of the new Connect2Transit program. More information can be found at

Service Alerts

    • 115

    Route 115 Renumbered to 117

    Effective Monday, August 10, Route 115 will be renumbered to Route 117.

    • 17
    • 117

    Expanded Service Offered Starting August 10th

    Effective Monday, August 10, Route 117 will start operation and provide additional service in the Route 17 corridor between the San Rafael Transit Center and Marin City.

    • 35
    • 135

    Expanded Service Offered Starting August 10th

    Effective Monday, August 10, Route 135 will start operation and provide additional service within the Canal.

    • 22
    • 122

    Expanded Service Offered Starting August 10th

    Effective Monday, August 10, Route 122 will start operation and provide additional service in the Route 22 corridor between the San Rafael Transit Center and the College of Marin. Route 122 will serve all local Route 22 stops in this corridor and will no longer operate an express alignment.

    • 71X
    • 171

    Expanded Service Offered Starting August 10th

    Effective Monday, August 10, Route 171 will start operation and provide additional service in the Route 71x corridor between the San Rafael Transit Center and Marin City.

    • 125
    • 145
    • 149
    • 151

    Supplemental School Suspended Until In-Class Instruction Returns

    The following Supplemental School Routes are suspended under the return of in-class instruction: 125, 145, 149, and 151.

    • 22
    • 23
    • 68

    Weekly Detours: Fourth St San Rafael

    Every Thursday, beginning June 25, routes 22, 23, and 68 will not serve stops on Fourth St from 4pm - 10pm. This detour is due to the Fourth St road closure for the "Dining Under the Stars" event.

    The following stops will not be served while the buses are on detour:

    • Fourth & Court
    • Fourth & C
    • Fourth & E
    • Fourth & H/Ida St
    • 228

    Stop Closure at SFD & McAllister

    Beginning June 22, the stop at Sir Francis Drake Blvd & McAllister Ave (Stop ID: 40315) will be closed for approximately four weeks. The alternative bus stop for passengers is Sir Francis Drake Blvd & Wolfe Grade (Stop ID: 40136). This alternative bus stop is approximately 400' southeast. 

    • CXT

    Connect Transitioning to Uber App July 1, 2020

    The Marin Transit Connect service will be available in the Uber app starting July 1, 2020. More info on this new program can be found at and in this news item

  • All Bus Riders Must Wear Face Coverings

    Marin County Public Health has issued an order requiring that everyone wear facial coverings in certain settings, including while waiting for or riding public transportation. Face coverings may be cloth material that covers the mouth and nose. Bus Operators can refuse service to riders without a face covering. Thanks for your cooperation.

    • 66

    Muir Woods Shuttle Service Suspended

    Effective March 16, 2020, the Muir Woods Shuttle service will be suspended until further notice. Visit for more information on accessing the National Monument during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • 113
    • 115
    • 119
    • 139
    • 154

    Supplemental School Suspended thru 12/31/20

    The following Supplemental School services will be suspended until at least December 31, 2020: 113, 115, 119, 139, and 154.

  • Marin Transit COVID-19 service and safety updates

    We are closely monitoring what is happening with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Marin Transit is committed to keeping you safe and moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please continue to check this page for the latest updates.


    The Marin County Department of Health and Human Services has issued an advisory related specifically to use of public transportation to limit the spread of COVID-19. Additional guidance by the Marin County Public Health Department recommends the following actions are followed:

    • Public Transportation should be used for essential travel only (e.g. for essential service employees to get to and from work; for individuals to obtain essential goods and services)
    • Infection control recommendations should always be followed on public transportation:
      • Individuals who have signs or symptoms of influenza or COVID-19 (cough, shortness or breath, fever) should not board public transportation.
      • Travelers should maintain 6 feet of separation from other passengers and the operator while onboard or waiting at stops.
      • Passengers should wear face coverings at all times, covering the mouth and nose.
      • Hands should be washed or sanitized before and after using public transit.
      • High contact areas should be cleaned at the end of the transit line.

    Marin Transit, in partnership with all its contracted service providers, continues to follow the Marin County Environmental Health Services guidance for infection control in community spaces. We ask that riders review and follow the guidance outlined above as it relates to public transit services. These recommendations will remain in effect until further notice from the Health Office. Guidance will be reviewed and updated as necessary. 

    For the latest information about COVID-19, please refer to the resources provided by the Marin Health and Human Services Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Service Impacts

    At this time, the District is operating regular service levels on local routes and, effective August 10, 2020, enhanced service on select Supplemental Routes (routes 117, 122, 135, 171). There are ongoing suspensions of select Supplemental School Routes (routes 113, 119, 125, 139, 145, 149, 151, 154) and the Muir Woods Shuttle during school closures. The District plans to restart select Supplemental School routes (routes 125, 145, 149, 151)  when in-class instruction resumes. Please check for updates on any new information or service impacts related to COVID-19.

    To adhere to physical distancing guidance onboard vehicles, drivers are asked to limit capacities. Effective Monday, August 10, 2020, Marin Transit will operate additional service in high ridership areas where limited capacities are creating pass-ups. These areas include the Highway 101 (Route 171), within the Canal area of San Rafael (Route 135), between College of Marin and the San Rafael Transit Center (Route 122), and within Mill Valley (Route 117). This additional service will help minimize impacts associated with pass-ups and offer riders additional service options. These routes will operate Monday-Saturday. Schedules and route maps are available on the District's website under Services and Schedules.

    Safety & Cleaning

    The health and safety of our passengers and bus operators is a top priority for Marin Transit. Since the beginning of March when concerns were initially raised regarding the spread of COVID-19, enhanced cleaning protocols on all of Marin Transit’s vehicles were implemented which includes an additional 30 minutes of daily cleaning of high touch areas inside the bus with a cleaning agent recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    In addition to frequent cleanings, Marin Transit has implemented additional measures to limit disease transmission such as requiring drivers and passengers to wear facial coverings while onboard a bus, limiting the number of passengers onboard at any given time to allow for adequate physical distancing, and when possible, buses have been equipped with hand sanitizer and drivers keep windows open while the bus is in service to increase the flow of fresh air.

    Marin Transit staff will continue to stay up to date on the latest guidance from our local public health officers and with industry best practices. We will continue to make adjustments to our cleaning practices and onboard policies to meet current guidance and ensure our passengers feel comfortable riding the bus.

    Check out this video from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission on how Bay Area transit agencies are keeping riders safe with enhanced cleaning measures. A video with Spanish captioning is available here

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Paratransit Coordinating Council

Event Date
Start Time
1:00 PM
End Time
3:30 PM
Transportation Authority of Marin, 900 Fifth Ave #100, San Rafael CA 94901

The Marin Paratransit Coordinating Council (PCC) is an advisory board that provides feedback on local and regional paratransit service provided by Marin Access. All are welcome.

September 2020 Board of Directors Meeting

Event Date
Start Time
9:30 AM
End Time
11:30 AM
Details to come

The Board of Directors of the Marin Transit District (Marin Transit) will hold their upcoming meeting via Zoom teleconference in response to local and state shelter-in-place orders and social distancing protocols. Marin Transit Board meetings will continue to be held as a teleconference until the shelter-in-place orders are lifted.

CANCELLED - Marin Access Travel Navigator Satellite Hours

Event Date
Start Time
11:00 AM
End Time
1:15 PM
Margaret Todd Senior Center - 1560 Hill Road, Novato

Due to recent guidance from Marin County Health and Human Services about COVID-19, this meeting has been cancelled. 

Satellite hours are a way for the Travel Navigators to reach Marin County residents in the places they already frequent. At these "office hours," Travel Navigators are available to answer questions about Marin Access and Marin Transit services, help riders begin the application process, and provide referrals to other services or resources.