Marin Access Low Income Fare Assistance

Program Description

On July 1, 2020 Marin Transit will introduce an expanded Low-Income Fare Assistance (LIFA) program that consolidates and replaces existing fare assistance offerings for Catch-A-Ride and Paratransit. Eligible riders will receive $20 of credit per month to use for trips on Catch-A-Ride and Paratransit and will have the option of receiving a free pass to use on Marin Transit local bus service. LIFA funds can be used on base fares for Catch-A-Ride and Paratransit only. 

Low Income Fare Assistance Pre-Enrollment

We have initiated a pre-enrollment and early determination process to allow eligible riders to take advantage of this benefit starting July 1, 2020. 

If you are interested in pre-enrollment for the LIFA program, please complete the LIFA application by clicking the "LIFA Application" button and submit your documentation by May 15, 2020. Forms received after May 15, will be processed within 6 weeks of receipt. Forms that are incomplete will not be processed. A completed form includes responses to all questions and the inclusion of all necessary documentation. 

Eligibility Criteria

Use the information below to understand if you may qualify.  

To qualify for the LIFA program you must be age 65+ or eligible for Marin Access Paratransit, a resident of Marin County, and either: 

  • Be enrolled and eligible for Medi-Cal


  • Demonstrate annual income that is at or below the current Elder Economic Index1 standard as shown below. This standard will be updated annually to reflect the most current data. 
Housing Situation Single Couple
Owner without Mortgage $24,684 $35,856
Owner with Mortgage $49,272 $60,444
Renter $45,888 $57,060

Elder Index. (2019). The Elder Index™ [Public Dataset]. Boston, MA: Gerontology Institute, University of Massachusetts Boston. Retrieved from

Income Documents Accepted

For those that are applying based on income, please submit one of the following: 

  • Most recent three (3) paystubs;
  • Most recent three (3) financial assistance documents;
  • Most recent tax return; or
  • Most recent year end social security statement

Please provide copies of these documents; documents will not be returned. We care about your privacy and recommend that you remove or cross out all instances of your social security number, identification number, and / or account numbers for your bank or financial institution on the documents that you provide. 


If you have any questions about the LIFA program, please contact the Marin Access Travel Navigators.