Travel Navigators

Travel Navigators are a one-stop resource for program information and eligibility for all Marin Access programs.

It’s a customized approach to transit based on our riders' needs. Once you call or visit the Travel Navigators, a representative will learn more about your mobility goals and your personal circumstances. With this information, the Travel Navigators will help you complete the eligibility process and can help you determine which programs that will best suit you - or even a friend, client, or loved one. If Marin Transit or Marin Access do not offer a program that meets your needs, a Travel Navigator can always refer you to an appropriate private or non-profit transportation provider in the community.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in finding out more about their transit options in Marin please call 415.454.0902 or email to speak with a Travel Navigator today.

Contact Information

Have more questions? Contact our Travel Navigators:

(415) 454-0902
weekdays, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (closed on holidays)

Travel Navigator Satellite Hours

Satellite hours allow the Travel Navigators to reach Marin County residents in the places they already frequent. At these "office hours," Travel Navigators are available to answer questions about Marin Access and Marin Transit services, help riders begin the application process, and provide referrals to other services or resources.