Downtown San Rafael – Sausalito

via Strawberry, Mill Valley
    • 17

    Route 17 Schedule Adjustments Beginning June 12, 2022


    The following schedule adjustments will be made to route 17 due to the ongoing construction projects on Mill Valley.

    Beginning June 12:

    • Route 17 & 17X will be combined into the same route and called route 17
    • Strawberry Village will only be served on select weekday trips. Use route 36 for access to Strawberry from San Rafael or Marin City.
    • The following stops will no longer be served on this route: 
      • E Blithedale & Walnut Ave (Northbound)
      • E Blithedale & Elm Ave (Northbound)
      • E Blithedale & Hilarita Ave (Northbound)
      • E Blithedale & Nelson Ave (Northbound)
      • E Blithedale & Camino Alto (Southbound)
      • E Blithedale & Mesa Ave (Southbound)
      • E Blithedale & Alta Vista Ave (Southbound)
      • E Blithedale & East Dr (Southbound)
    • Manazanita Park and Ride will continue to only be served in the southbound direction. Passengers are encouraged to use Shoreline Highway & Pohono St (stop 40169) for northbound access.

    Click here for the new route 17 schedule.



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