Travel Training

Marin Transit's travel training opportunities help riders become more informed and independent consumers. Attend a group presentation to learn about transportation programs and services available through Marin Transit and Marin Access, or request a one-on-one training aboard our fixed route buses and learn how to ride with ease and confidence.

Group Presentations – Navigating Transit

“Navigating Transit” is a free one-hour presentation and discussion about alternatives to driving for community members in Marin County. A Marin Transit representative will present extensive information on riding local transit, including trip planning, tips for riding and fare options. It also includes a discussion of transportation alternatives available to older adults in Marin County including Marin Access Mobility programs such as volunteer driver programs and Catch-A-Ride. Finally, information on Marin Access Paratransit is presented in depth for those interested in that program.

The focus of this presentation is to give Marin’s community members and older adults a clear picture of the transportation options that are available to them outside of driving. The use of one or more of these programs in conjunction with one another is encouraged, as different programs can meet different needs. Questions are welcome throughout the presentation and materials on all of the programs discussed within the presentation are made available for those who would like them.

This program can also be tailored to the needs of other audiences.

Individualized Travel Training

Marin Transit is pleased to be able to offer individualized travel training to Marin community members. These “transit tours” consist of a Marin Transit representative who provides a tour of the public bus by planning a trip for the group on an actual transit route. These trips usually take about three hours and are tailored to the area to which the group requesting a “tour” will be traveling. There is no cost for this service. To request individualized travel training, contact us at

Contact Information

(415) 226-0855 

weekdays, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (closed on holidays)