Code of Conduct

Passengers are expected to follow this Code of Conduct to ensure a safe environment on all Marin Transit buses and facilities.

Any violation of this Code, Federal, State or local law, including but not limited to conduct described in California Penal Code Section 640 can result in arrest, fine, refusal of service, and/or ejection from the system.

Marin Transit reserves the right to modify and amend this Code of Conduct at any time.

The following are rules for riding Marin Transit buses:

  1. All passengers must follow the directives of a bus driver with regard to these policies and their enforcement.
  2. Refusing to pay fare is unlawful, and can result in arrest, fines, or ejection from the bus.
  3. Priority seating is reserved for seniors, passengers with disabilities, and pregnant women. Passengers will be asked to relinquish a seat which has been designated as "Priority Seating" if requested to do so by or on behalf of any of the aforementioned riders. This rule also extends to occupying any location designated for use by persons using wheelchairs if such location is required to accommodate a person using a wheelchair.
  4. Smoking, drinking, or eating onboard is not permitted.
  5. Possession or consumption of illegal drugs or alcohol is not permitted.
  6. Possession of any weapon is not permitted.
  7. Flammable materials are not allowed onboard the bus.
  8. Throwing any object from or inside the bus is not permitted.
  9. Lying down or occupying more than one seat, with your body, luggage or other personal belongings is not permitted.
  10. Pets can be transported in a carrier but must remain in the carrier for the entirety of the trip. The carrier must fit on your lap or under your seat. Service animals are excluded from this policy.
  11. Service animals must remain under the control of the passenger at all times and must refrain from aggressive behavior while riding.
  12. Strollers, wheeled carts, and foldable powered and non-powered non-ADA personal mobility devices must be folded before boarding, switched off if powered, and must be stowed safely away from the aisles and safety exits. These items cannot interfere with customer movement and cannot block wheelchair access.
  13. Disruptive conduct of any nature by passengers may result in the disruptive passenger's removal from the bus.
  14. Damaging or defacing the vehicle or other transit property, including but not limited to bus shelters, benches and signs is prohibited.
  15. Opening or tampering with emergency windows is prohibited, except during an emergency.
  16. Conversations between passengers and on cell phones must be kept at a reasonable volume.
  17. Threatening, vulgar or abusive language while onboard is not permitted.
  18. Music or media devices can only be listened to with headphones or earphones.

Exceptions to the code of conduct

Marin Transit is committed to ensuring full access to our services. If you believe there is a modification to this code of conduct or any Marin Transit policy or procedure which will make our system accessible to you, and it can be reasonably made, Marin Transit will make every effort to accommodate your request. To request a reasonable modification to a Marin Transit policy, the Reasonable Modification Coordinator at 415-226-0869 or by email at For more information about the Reasonable Modification process and to access the form go to the ADA and Reasonable Modification page. In the event that the modification is of an immediate nature, for example to respond to an unforeseen medical condition, the bus driver, at their own discretion, may make a one-time exception.

Suspension of service

Marin Transit reserves the right to suspend service to individuals who violate any of the policies and/or rules contained herein.

  1. The first violation of this Code may result in a warning letter or notification sent to the identified passenger(s).
  2. The second violation of this Code may result in a suspension of riding privileges for a period of time up to 60 days to be determined at the discretion of Marin Transit staff.
  3. The third violation of this Code may result in continued or further suspension for a period of time up to one 180 days to be determined at the discretion of Marin Transit staff. 

Penalties may be increased if the behavior is deemed to be of a criminal nature or presents a threat to the safety of transit system personnel or passengers.

Any step in this process may be bypassed should the behavior warrant doing so. All passengers have a right to appeal a suspension decision. Passengers may appeal a suspension by contacting Marin Transit's administrative offices.