Supplemental Routes

Marin Transit has historically provided extra public transit service to schools in Marin County using “supplemental” routes (100 series). In prior years, this service used a fleet of 12 buses to provide service to 10 different high schools and middle schools in the county and the College of Marin. Marin Transit maximized supplemental service to schools by using the same bus/driver to serve multiple routes/schools each morning and afternoon. This was possible due to a spread of bell times at schools throughout the county. 

With the implementation of California Senate Bill 328 requiring high schools to start no earlier than 8:30am and middle schools to start no earlier than 8:00am, schools throughout Marin County have changed their start and end times and now begin and end their days within a very short window of time, or in the case of most high schools, the exact same time. In addition to adding roadway congestion on local roads, this stacking of start times directly impacts our ability to spread our service and return service to historic levels. Due to this change, Marin Transit will not be able to operate all routes in the 100 series. A summary of the changes is listed below.

Additionally, Marin Transit will be renumbering the "supplemental" routes to a 600 series beginning August 2021.

Summary of Supplemental Route Changes for 2022/23


The following routes will not operate:

  • Route 139 previously serving Terra Linda HS from Lucas Valley/Marinwood

  • Route 617 (formerly 115) serving MLK Jr. in Sausalito/Marin City.
    • Alternative public transit service: 17, 61

  • Route 622 (formerly 122) serving College of Marin from San Rafael.
    • Alternative public transit service: 22228

The following routes will operate in the afternoon only:

  • Route 625 (formerly 125) serving West Marin from Archie Williams HS.

    • Alternative public transit service: 23/23X, 68, and 228

  • Route 654 (formerly 154) serving Olive/San Marin from Sinaloa MS.

    • Alternative public transit service: 251


The following routes will continue to operate in the morning and afternoon:

  • Route 613 (formerly 113 and 117) serving Redwood HS and Hall MS from east Corte Madera.

  • Route 619 (formerly 119) serving Redwood HS from Tiburon and Belvedere.

  • Route 645 (formerly 145) serving Terra Linda HS from the Downtown San Rafael / Canal.

  • Route 651 (formerly 151) serving San Jose MS, Novato HS, and San Marin HS from Novato.