New Service Changes Effective December 13, 2020

Marin Transit is adding and adjusting service this month to ensure riders do not get left behind by pass-up activity due to capacity limitations. These changes are also implemented in light of Golden Gate Transit service reductions on regional and commute routes. Changes are effective Sunday, December 13 and temporary as the District continues to adjust service due to evolving conditions of the pandemic.

Bus Stop Improvements Update - March 1, 2019

Construction has been underway since December 3, 2018 for the final phase of the State of Good Repair (SOGR) Bus Stop Improvements Project.  Crews have been installing upgrades to local bus stops that improve passenger amenities and Americans with Disabilities (ADA) access.  However, the stormy weather has significantly impaced the schedule initially anticipated to construct improvements at eleven bus stop locations across the county.

Construction of Bus Stop Improvements to Start This Week

The State of Good Repair project is designed to improve accessibility, safety, and amenities of local bus stops in Marin County.  Two prior phases have been completed and construction of the final phase of the project starts the week of December 3.   During construction, bus stops will be relocated to allow the contractor to safely install the location upgrades.