Marin Transit Seeks Input from Residents of West Marin

Affected Routes

Marin Transit has initiated a survey seeking feedback from current riders and those in need of expanded mobility options in West Marin, especially residents that are older adults and/or those with disabilities. This is part of the District's continued efforts to improve service, find ways to better serve residents of West Marin, and build upon existing data and previous feedback collected from community partners and other stakeholders as part of the Marin Access Innovation Incubator program. 

Feedback collected through this survey will allow Marin Transit to improve existing programs such as Stagecoach Route 61 or Route 68, the Marin Access Shuttle program, the TRIP volunteer driver program, and consider offering new programs to better serve community members in West Marin. The survey is available in English and Spanish and offers those that complete it to enter a raffle to win one of three $100 Amazon Gift Cards. We anticipate closing the survey March 29, 2024, but may extend the date based on responses received. 

Visit our website to complete the survey. For assistance or to complete the survey by phone, community members can contact the Travel Navigator team at (415) 454-0902 (select language option and then option 1 for Travel Navigators).