Fare and Eligibility Policy Proposal

As part of the 2020 Short Range Transit Plan update, the District has performed a comprehensive evaluation of fare policies and eligibility standards for Marin Access programs. In September 2019, a draft proposal on fares and fare policies was provided to the Marin County Transit District's Board of Directors. Staff released a draft Fare Policy, Program Eligibility, and Low-Income Fare Assistance Proposal for public review and comment to the Board on November 18, 2019. A public hearing was held at the Board's January 13th meeting, and the District invited public comments in person at the hearing and through an online comment form, mail, email and telephone.

Marin Transit staff prepared a detailed Title VI Fare Equity Analysis that confirms that the fare change proposal does not result in a disparate impact on minority riders or a disproportionate burden on low-income riders, based on Marin Transit Title VI Civil Rights Policies on Major Service Changes, Disparate Impact, and Disproportionate Burden.

On Monday, February 3, Marin Transit’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to adopt the staff proposal on changes to Marin Transit fare policies, Marin Access program eligibility, and the Low-Income Fare Assistance program.

The adopted plan includes changes to local bus pass programs, Catch-A-Ride, Dial-A-Ride, and paratransit fares, the reimbursement rate for STAR & TRIP volunteer driver programs, the Low-Income Fare Assistance program, and eligibility standards for Marin Access programs.

All changes will be effective July 1, 2020.

2019 Fare Policy Update

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