Yellow Bus

Marin Transit provides school districts with operational, planning, and management support to run Yellow School Bus programs that meet the needs of younger students.

Ross Valley School District

Marin Transit's Yellow School Bus program, in partnership with the City of San Anselmo, the Town of Fairfax, and the County of Marin, provides students at White Hill Middle School, Hidden Valley Elementary School, and Ross Valley Charter School the opportunity to ride to and from school on a bus that’s been specifically designed for student transportation operated by drivers trained to service this population.


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Reed Union School District

In April 2016, the Town of Tiburon, the City of Belvedere and Reed Union School District (RUSD) voted to form the Tiburon Peninsula Traffic Relief Joint Powers Agency (JPA) to coordinate efforts to reduce school-related congestion on Tiburon Boulevard. The JPA oversees the Yellow Bus Challenge which provides yellow bus service to schools in the Reed Union School District. Marin Transit is contracted to provide operational and planning support for the program.


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