Dominican University of California

Two local bus routes provide service to Dominican University in San Rafael: Routes 57 and 233

There are two stops that serve the Dominican campus, both located at the intersection of Grand Ave and Acacia Ave. The southbound stop (#40410) will take students from campus to the San Rafael Transit Center where connections can be made to other local routes and regional Golden Gate Transit or SMART rail services. The northbound stop (#40411) will take students north to Santa Venetia, Terra Linda, and Novato. 

How to Ride

Planning Your Trip

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Holiday Schedules

Route 57 operates weekdays only. Route 233 operates daily and follows the standard holiday calendar schedule.

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All buses are equipped with bike racks that can accommodate 2-3 bikes. Bikes are NOT allowed inside the buses, even if the rack is full.

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All buses are equipped with lifts and can accommodate wheelchairs.