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Short Range Transit Plan, FY2016-FY2025

The Marin Transit Board of Directors adopted the 2015 update to the Short Range Transit Plan on July 27, 2015.


Countywide Transit Market Assessment

The Countywide Transit Market Assessment (CTMA) evaluated how fixed route transit service in Marin County is currently provided relative to the existing transit markets, forecasted how these markets may shift or change in the future, and identified recommendations to restructure or improve transit services to better serve Marin residents. The primary tool used in this assessment was a comprehensive onboard survey, as well as 2010 US Census data and ridecheck data collected over the last three years.

Short Range Transit Plan, FY2012-2021

The Marin Transit Board of Directors adopted the 2012 update to the Short Range Transit Plan on September 17, 2012.

The SRTP provides the Agency with a framework for service and capital planning efforts and provides the MTC necessary financial planning inputs. The update also satisfies the goals of the Measure A expenditure plan that call for an update of this document every two years. This 2012 update is the most extensive since the original draft in 2006.

Tiburon Transit Needs Assessment
In partnership with the Town of Tiburon and the City of Belvedere, Marin Transit conducted a Tiburon Transit Needs Assessment to evaluate existing services within the Tiburon Peninsula, identify new and emerging mobility needs that fall outside the current transit service options, and craft practical strategies for meeting these needs. This grant funded study included an extensive public outreach program to engage the public who live, work, and regularly visit the Tiburon Peninsula to ensure a clear understanding of their needs as they relate to transit and mobility within the region.

Novato Transit Needs Assessment
In partnership with the City of Novato, Marin Transit conducted a Novato Transit Needs Assessment to evaluate existing services within the City of Novato, identify new and emerging mobility needs that fall outside the current transit service options, and craft practical strategies for meeting these needs. This grant funded study included an extensive public outreach program with public meetings, an onboard and community survey and various tabling events.

Southern Novato Bus Stop Improvements
Marin Transit is in the process of improving bus patron access and transfers in the City of Novato. This State grant funded project is focused on making capital improvements at the following two key transfer points. The identified locations are the Rowland Interchange and the Igancio/Bel Marin Keys Interchange. Marin Transit completed the preliminary design and environmental review for the two interchange locations in 2010 and final design engineering work was completed in 2012.  Construction is anticipated in the Summer of 2013.

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Marin Senior Transportation Action and Implementation Plan
In partnership with Marin Transit and other community agencies, the Marin County Health and Human Services Department, Division of Aging and Adult Services has sponsored the Marin Senior Mobility Action and Implementation Plan to identify measures that can be taken by Marin County and transportation agencies to support the mobility of the growing older population beyond their driving years. The Plan is a joint effort to keep older people safe and connected to their communities as problems related to aging make it harder for them to get around. The report, in two volumes, identifies the major gaps in transportation services to older adults in Marin County and develops specific strategies to close those gaps.

The first volume is the Existing Conditions Report, which looks at current and future demographics in Marin, describes the current state of senior transportation, presents examples of best practices in senior mobility, reports on outreach activities conducted as part of this project, and identifies transportation gaps in Marin.

The second volume, the “Action and Implementation Plan”, discusses in detail strategies proposed to meet the transportation needs of older adults in Marin County, identified through the research and outreach conducted for this project.

Proposed March 2010 Service Reductions and Changes
Marin Transit implemented service reductions in March 2010.

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West Marin Needs Assessment Study
Marin Transit conducted a community based transportation study to understand the transit needs in West Marin. Two rounds of public meetings were held at various locations in West Marin County, and input received from the community helped to shape the final strategies and recommendations contained in the report. The Final Strategies Report is complete and available for viewing.

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Central and Southern Marin Transit Study
Marin Transit hired HDR, Inc. to develop an incremental program of feasible and fundable improvements to U.S. 101-
oriented trunk line bus service and to identify opportunities for transit to serve as effective feeders for both ferry and regional commute bus services. The concept of a potential large transit hub serving Central and Southern Marin was an early premise of the study. The subsequent travel demand and transit service analysis concluded that a program of localized transit infrastructure investment, widely distributed at multiple sites on all of the study corridors, would yield more effective mobility benefits for Marin residents. This is reflected in the options considered in the evaluation process and in the Study’s final recommendations.

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Short Range Transit Plan 2008-09 Update
The Marin Transit Board adopted the 2009 Short Range Transit Plan on April 20, 2009.


Strategic Marketing Plan
Marin Transit hired Transit Marketing LLC to complete a marketing study. The plan development started with a marketing baseline inventory and identification of our market research needs. The consultant then conducted stakeholder interviews and two focus groups with current and potential riders. Based on this information, the plan recommends short, medium, and long term strategies, passenger information materials and signage, and an advertising campaign. The plan also provides a budget with cost estimates for each aspect of the plan, along with an implementation timeline.

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Taxi Program
Marin Transit, in partnership with Marin County Department of Health and Human Services, managed a study on strategies to provide enhanced taxi services for social service and public paratransit programs for residents of Marin County. The study was funded by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) as a case study to provide results for use by other counties in the region.

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Route 259 Marinwood/Terra Linda Shuttle Planning
Marin Transit looked at ways to improve the Route 259 to better serve Marinwood/Terra Linda residents. Marin Transit had over 200 respondents to an online survey and held two community meetings. Based on this information, Marin Transit has decided to keep the route unchange but focus on increased marketing of this route. Ridership on this route is low but it is attacting a higher percentage of seniors than our other shuttle routes. The current online survey is aimed at gathering planning level data on where potential riders want to travel on the shuttle. Based on this information, Marin Transit will consider making changes to the shuttle in Summer/Spring 2007. Look for a community meeting in March/April to hear the results of the survey and give feedback on any new proposals.

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2006 Service Plan Adoption
Major changes were made to Marin's local bus service in July and September 2006. The 2006 Service Plan provides details regarding these service changes including new routes and schedules.

Short Range Transit Plan
The Transit Board adopted the Short Range Transit Plan at a Public Hearing March 20, 2006.

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