Connect2Transit: Marin Transit Connect

Marin Transit Connect is your connection to work, home, transit, and other destinations across Marin County. Our service is entirely on-demand, and it operates anywhere in the service area shown below— not just at bus stops. Connect is part of Connect2Transit, an integrated program of mobility options within the Uber app brought you in partnership with the Transportation Authority of Marin. 

To start riding, download the Uber app on your smartphone. Once you register, you’ll be able to request a ride from any location—to any location—in the service area. You'll receive an estimated pickup time and plan a convenient route to your destination in one of our Marin Transit Connect shuttle vans. You can track your ride in-real time with the Uber app, and you’ll receive notifications about the ride whether or not you use the app.

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Starting July 1, 2020 the Connect service is only available through the Uber app platform. Details on  program changes are found here and in the May 2020 Board documents at the bottom of this page. Questions? See the FAQ below.

What are the changes?

Starting July 1st, Marin Transit Connect service transitioned to a new phase with a new app platform and expanded service area. The service area expanded to roughly 2.5 square miles of all Marin SMART stations. This expansion allows integration with the Transportation Authority of Marin's (TAM) first last mile GET2SMART program all within the Uber app. Most importantly, Marin Transit Connect has transitioned from a standalone app to the Uber app platform. Riders who would like to schedule a ride on Connect can choose Marin Connect vehicles as an option within the Uber app. The app also offers real-time transit departure information, so you can compare your trip request to see if other shared ride optionsincluding local bus, regional Golden Gate Transit bus service, or SMART rail serviceare more attractive. Plus, any qualifying subsidies from TAM are configured within the app for Connect or shared UberPool trips.

What do I need to do to use the service?

You should download the Uber app and create an account. The app is available in the Apple App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android.

What if I do not have a smartphone?

If you are unable to download the Uber app, you can register for an account online using and book rides for yourself (you must have a phone with SMS messaging). Marin Transit is also maintaining its scheduling line for riders without accounts. These riders will pay cash onboard. Rides can only be prescheduled using the call-in option. Trips booked using the Uber app are completely on-demand.

How is Connect  available in the Uber app?

Marin Connect will be available in the carousel of options seen in addition to offerings from Uber.

I am a registered Marin Access rider; do I need to do anything?

Yes, to receive the Marin Access discounted fare ($3) on your Connect trips, make sure you call a Marin Access Travel Navigator at (415) 454-0902 to submit or update your information. 

What if I am an employer-sponsored rider?

Marin Transit and TAM are coordinating directly with Kaiser and the County of Marin to inform these employers about the new program. Employers will reach out to employees to coordinate any new ride subsidies. All riders should download the Uber app regardless of rider type.

Are Connect rides free after July 1st?

Connect will start collecting fares on July 1st. General public fares are a flat per mile fee, and qualified Marin Access riders who are enrolled in the new program will pay a flat rate of $3 per ride. Information on fares can be found below on this page. 

Are monthly passes still be offered?

The initial launch of the program will not include a monthly pass option. Uber currently does not support this feature but have included an optional task in our scope to develop in the future if funding allows.

Are there any changes to fares? 

There are no changes to fares. General public rides will remain a per mile fee and Marin Access trips will be a flat rate of $3. Additional riders will be $1 per rider. The only change to fare media is monthly passes will no longer be available. The fare structure is summarized in the section entitled Fares below. 

What is the new service area? 

Connect's new service area expands from limited areas in San Rafael to roughly 2.5 square miles from SMART stations in Marin County. These stations include: Larkspur, San Rafael, Marin Civic Center, Hamilton, Downtown Novato, and San Marin. The service area extends north to Novato including areas off San Marin Drive and Atherton Avenue. The service area extends south to the Larkspur SMART station and Golden Gate ferry terminal, including parts of Corte Madera north of Tamalpais Drive. New areas that will be served include parts of Corte Madera, Larkspur, downtown San Anselmo, Hamilton, Ignacio, downtown Novato, and San Marin. 


watch   Service Hours

Weekdays, 6:00 am - 7:00 pm. See Holiday calendar for service exceptions.

Additional expansion including longer hours and weekends will be explored and evaluated throughout the pilot program. 

smartphone   Reservations

Ride requests are made using the Uber app. Riders can download the Uber app using links above. Rides booked in the Uber app are completely on-demand. 

Riders can book a trip for up to two (2) total passengers with limited boarding capacity to maintain social distancing protocols. 

If you do not have a smartphone, you can call the Marin Access Information Line at 415-454-0902 to determine Marin Access eligibility or ask program questions. When you reach the phone tree, you may select "2" to learn about Connect or other Marin Access program or "4" to schedule a ride on Connect without a smartphone. Prescheduling is available for call-in riders without a smartphone.

fares   Fares

How much does it cost?



Regular Fare

*Price proposal is calculated by best optimized route at time of booking; rider will not pay more than price proposal.

flat per mile fee*

Marin Access Discount

*Call the Travel Navigators at 415-454-0902 to apply this discount.

$3 per ride*

Additional riders $1 per rider

$3 flat fares are available for individuals eligible for Marin Access services. Additional riders cost $1 per rider.  Marin Transit may consider modifying the regular fare price over the course of the pilot program.

How do I pay?

Customers pay by credit/debit or prepaid credit card, which is entered when they set up an account on the Uber app using a smartphone or tablet. Pre-paid credit cards in the dollar amount of your choosing can be found at any local drugstore or grocery store. For customers who wish to book rides over the phone or do not have electronic payment access, please remember you will pay cash onboard. 

globe  Current Service Area

The map below shows the service area including roughly 2.5 square miles from all Marin County SMART stations. This service area is effective July 1, 2020.

Service Area as of 2/3/2020

vans   Vehicles

Marin Transit Connect will operate with a brand new fleet of accessible vans that can accommodate up to nine passengers or five passengers and two wheelchairs. The top of each van will be wrapped with a unique color to help riders identify their van driver. Connect vans are equipped with bike racks.

Tips for Riding

Visit to learn about how Connect is now integrated in the Uber app with discounts from the Transportation Authority of Marin and real-time transit information.

-The Transportation Authority of Marin offers a $5.00 discount on all Connect and shared UberPool rides to/from all SMART stations and major transit stops in Marin County. 

-If you work in Marin County, take transit to work, and miss your last bus or train home, take advantage of the Emergency Ride program. This program allows you to get reimbursed up to $125 per trip (max of $500/year) to get home. There are no geographic limits to where you live so go ahead and book a LYFT, Uber, or taxi ride and submit your reimbursement form online. Go to for more information.

Customer Feedback

You may provide feedback by emailing us at, or calling Customer Service at 415-455-2000.

Terms of Service

Use of Marin Transit Connect is bound by our Terms of Service

Board Items and Evaluations

Marin Transit Board Request for an Agreement with Via for On-Demand Scheduling Software (November 2017): click here 

Marin Transit Board Request for Pilot Project Approval (April 2018): click here

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One-Year Evaluation Presentation to Marin Transit Board (July 2019): click here 

One-Year Evaluation Report (July 2019): click here

Marin Transit Board Request for Service Area Expansion and Fare Changes (January 2020): click here

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