Request for Quotes

Marin Transit is seeking an estimate of a photoshoot that will capture a variety of lifestyle photographs featuring Marin Transit vehicles, portraits and candid shots of customers, bus stops, with buses operating in and around Marin County landmarks and natural environment. Marin Transit will provide subject(s), facilitate casting, locations, and staging areas as needed. It is expected that the creator provide Marin Transit an itinerary of the shoot after discussion of locations with the client.

The creator will shoot a maximum of two full days in various locations throughout Marin County and deliver up to fifty edited/final high resolution images. First edits are expected to be completed within 14 days of the last day of shooting and delivered through an online gallery or electronic format that is easily accessible by the client for final selection. Final images should be edited for reproduction and delivered as high-resolution files to Marin Transit through an online link for image download, USB drive or format that can be electronically accessed.

In the estimate, Marin Transit would like to see the cost of creative/licensing fees, hourly/half-day or full-day rates, equipment, processing, or miscellaneous expenses that will be included. It is expected that the creator will provide the following licensing to Marin Transit: Collateral, Editorial, Publicity, Public and Private Display, POS, use of all final images, US and Worldwide, in perpetuity. Photos will be licensed for unlimited usage and will be used across all our platforms including web, print, and social media. All human subjects will require signed release forms.

Please email Cody Lowe ( with quote submissions. 

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