Route 122 Extended to East San Rafael

Effective August 20, 2018, Marin Transit will extend select trips on Route 122 to serve East San Rafael. This extension will provide hourly service between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm on school days only. The new service will operate as a pilot project and help the District test demand for fixed route service to the San Rafael neighborhoods of Peacock Gaps, Glenwood, Bayside Acres, Lock Lomond, and Country Club. The need for additional transit service to these areas was identified in the 2016/17 East San Rafael Assessment and included in the District's update of the Short Range Transit Plan in 2017. In addition to the extension of Route 122, Marin Transit expanded its service area in March of 2018 for Marin Access senior/ADA service and the Golden Gate Bridge and Highway Transportation extended its Route 31 ferry feeder service to East San Rafael in June of 2018.   

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