Marin Transit COVID-19 Recovery Survey Results

Marin County Transit District conducted an online survey in summer 2020 to collect feedback from riders to assess attitudes, and understand how people feel about using the public transit in the current context. The survey also intended to identify measures that will improve rider confidence and feelings of safety riding Marin Transit.

The District’s COVID-19 survey of 600 respondents, showed that public remains apprehensive about engaging in social activities amid spread of the coronavirus, including riding Marin Transit services. The survey also sought feedback from respondents about what will need to happen for them to feel safer riding Marin Transit. The most prominent themes expressed were concerning enhanced cleaning and safety measures that have been in place by the District since March 2020. The results also showed that many of the riders are unaware of the safety measures undertaken by Marin Transit to reduce possible transmission of COVID-19. To learn more about the summary of the findings, click here.

Safety continues to be the first priority for the District, and staff is committed to continuously improving our methods for keeping our riders, employees, and the public safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.