Construction of Bus Stop Improvements to Start This Week

The State of Good Repair project is designed to improve accessibility, safety, and amenities of local bus stops in Marin County.  Two prior phases have been completed and construction of the final phase of the project starts the week of December 3.   During construction, bus stops will be relocated to allow the contractor to safely install the location upgrades. 

Starting this Thursday, December 6, stop # 41159 at Mission Avenue at Mary Street will undergo improvements to the curb, gutter and sidewalk.  In addition to further assist the site’s accessibility, the planter strip will be removed.  Until December 21, 2018, while the new concrete is drying, riders will use a temporary bus stop about 50 feet east of the current bus stop.

Also, this week, work will begin at bus stop #40452, Canal Street at Medway Road.  This location is slated to undergo curb, gutter and sidewalk improvements but will also have a new shelter and a trash receptacle added to the location. The improvements will require removing two palm trees. The bus stop will temporarily be relocated 120 feet west of the existing stop until work is complete on December 21st, weather permitting.

Next week has a rainy forecast as well but toward the end of the week, the contractor will start the sidewalk and accessibility improvements planned for Los Ranchitos Road and Golden Hinde Boulevard, stop # 40572.  Construction is scheduled for December 12-28.  During that time riders are asked to use a temporary bus stop located at Constance Drive and Los Ranchitos Road.

Marin Transit selected Coastside Concrete as the contractor for this final phase of the State of Good Repair project.  Park Engineering will be providing construction management.  Both firms have been coordinating the work and schedules with the affected jurisdictions.  If you have any questions about the project or the construction activity, contact Marin Transit’s Capital Project Manager, Adrienne Taylor at 415-226-0855.

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