Changes to Social Distancing Requirements

Beginning Wednesday, May 19, Marin Transit and Golden Gate Transit and Ferry will ease social distancing requirements from six feet to three feet on all trips in Marin County and San Francisco. The updated requirements will add much-needed passenger capacity to transit vehicles and reduce the number of customers experiencing “pass ups” due to limited seating. Masks will still be required to ride at all times.

The relaxed social distancing requirements follow guidance from state and local public health officials and come amid growing vaccination rates, decreasing COVID infection rates, and the reopening of indoor activities and businesses in Marin County and San Francisco. Passengers should continue to provide at least 6 feet of distance to transit operators in accordance with public health guidance. Both agencies will be updating onboard measures and signage to reflect the new social distancing policy.

Early on in the pandemic, Marin Transit and Golden Gate adjusted transit service in response to the precipitous drop in customer demand. However, to meet the remaining travel demand in the corridor with a focus on equity and mobility, both agencies have added extra bus trips to several routes that were experiencing “pass-ups” due to social distancing restrictions on transit. The new distancing requirements will increase bus capacity to approximately 50%, allowing for a significant reduction in the number of “pass ups” on popular routes and proactive planning for the continued reopening of the region.

The updated social distancing policy will apply to all Marin Transit and Golden Gate Ferry routes. On Golden Gate Transit, the updated requirements will apply to all routes except the Routes 101, 72, and 40, which provide service beyond Marin County and San Francisco.

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