Bus Stop Improvements Update - January 14, 2019

Construction has been underway since December 3, 2018 for the final phase of the State of Good Repair (SOGR) Bus Stop Improvements Project.  Crews have been installing upgrades to local bus stops that improve passenger amenities and Americans with Disabilities (ADA) access.

Already work is complete on five stops.  These locations include:

  • Mission Avenue & Mary Street - new sidewalk and curbs
  • Canal Street & Medway Road - new sidewalk, curbs, and shelter
  • Los Ranchitos Road & Golden Hinde Boulevard - new sidewalk and curbs
  • Lincoln Avenue & Grand Avenue - new shelter
  • Manuel T Freitas Parkway at Del Ganado Road - new sidewalk and curbs

Soggy weather delayed the following projects but by working between the rain drops, it might be possible to begin construction on them next week:

Magnolia Avenue at Bon Air Road

     ✔ Temporarily relocate stop 195 feet from current bus stop
     ✔ Remove sidewalk & asphalt
     ✔ Construct new sidewalk & pavement
     ✔ Install new shelter & trash receptacle

Tamalpais Drive & Madera Boulevard

     ✔ Install new shelter

Next week, January 21-22, promises fewer showers which will provide the contractor a chance to catch up on work left over from this week as described above.  In addition, crews are planning to continue the work at Redwood Boulevard & Grant Avenue including replacing graffiti damaged panels, adding striping, and installing roadway signs.

Beyond that the rain will tell.  To follow the progress of the improvement installation of the remaining 6 stops, visit this news section for updates.

Special thanks to the property owners, municipalities, and the bus operators for your patience, understanding and cooperation.  It has not been easy accommodating the shifting schedules.  Weather permitting, all 11 bus stops will be completed by the end of February.  If you have an questions about the project or the construction activity, contact Marin Transit's Capital Project Manager, Adrienne Taylor, at 415-226-0855.

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