Improvements Coming to Marin Access!

Improvements Coming to Marin Access!

For more than 50 years, Marin Transit has provided transit service for older adults and people with disabilities in Marin County. Since 2012, we have developed and expanded a suite of mobility programs to help meet the growing needs of our riders. We know mobility is not a one size fits all service and Marin Transit has successfully introduced a wide range of transportation options for Marin County residents. These options go well beyond traditional ADA paratransit service and offer more flexibility and convenience than mandated ADA services. Today, Marin Transit provides ADA paratransit service and a full suite of mobility programs and services under the Marin Access brand to meet people where they are and get them to where they want to go. 

As Marin County’s population continues to age, the District is committed to ensuring that there is a robust transit system that will empower older adults and people with disabilities to live independently, travel with confidence, and remain connected to the community. 

We are excited about the future of Marin Access and welcome input from our community! Read on to learn more. 

The Future of Marin Access

Based on community feedback, our vision for Marin Access is to further unify all of its services and programs so riders can call one phone number or click one link to learn about mobility options, complete the eligibility process, and schedule trips. This will simplify the rider experience and make it easier to identify what transportation options are right for each unique rider.

To help us achieve this vision, on September 13, 2021, the Marin Transit Board of Directors unanimously concurred with the staff recommendation to award a new Marin Access contract to Transdev Services, Inc., contingent upon the General Manager denying any timely request for reconsideration made by Vivalon (the incumbent, formerly known as Whistlestop). While this will mean a change in service providers in the coming year, we will strive to make this transition seamless for passengers, from the way you schedule your rides to the drivers and vehicles that pick you up.

What This Means for Riders

Riders can continue to expect the same great service from the Marin Access team you are used to. You will not have to re-apply or do anything new to maintain your eligibility and should not notice any changes in your service. Our goal is for the transition to be seamless for passengers, from the way rides are scheduled to the drivers and vehicles that pick you up. You're likely to see and interact with many of the same drivers and staff you already know. Click the following links for a resource that provides information about new driver uniforms, our new address, and the updated phone tree options (English, Spanish). 

What This Means for Frontline Staff

Transdev has committed to offering jobs to all current qualified paratransit drivers and frontline staff who want them, with improved benefits and higher wages. More information can be found by clicking the "Marin Access Jobs" button on this page. 

Additional Info

Answers to common questions can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions, please contact us directly: email:; call: (415) 226-0855; send us your comments and questions via our online comment form