Marin Transit Fare Promotions and Pilot Programs

In August 2021, Marin Transit Board approved a series of fare promotional and pilot programs that will be offered near term, on Marin Transit local service. The goal of these programs is to expand fare assistance programs to provide discounted fares to those who may find fares as a barrier to use transit, offer a post-pandemic relief and promote return to transit. These programs are:

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Free Rides for Seniors & ADA

Free rides on local fixed route service countywide for older adults (age 65 or older) and persons with disabilities. This will be a 6-month pilot starting from October 1, 2021 and will continue through March 31, 2022. Paratransit, Catch-A-Ride, Dial-A-Ride, Connect and Muir Woods Shuttle will be exempt from the free fare offerings. This offering will only be limited on Marin Transit fixed-route services and not valid on Golden Gate Transit routes. 

Seniors must have a valid Medicare Card, DMV ID card/license, valid LIFA Bus Pass or senior ID from another California transit service. Persons with disabilities must have a DMV Disabled Placard ID, RTC card, Medicare card, valid LIFA Bus Pass or ID card for persons with disabilities from another transit service. Personal service assistants will not be eligible for free rides and will continue to pay 50% off the adult cash fare ($1) when accompanying a person with disabilities.

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Free Transit Passes

Free transit passes to the families of low-income students who are eligible to receive Marin Transit Free Youth PassThis offering would provide free transit access to low-income riders in the form of three free one-month passes to eligible families in Nov 2021. Interested riders are able to opt-in for this program through the Youth Pass application process by completing the Youth Pass Income form that can be returned to the school coordinators by Oct 15, 2021. For more information in income eligibility, please visit

Free Summer Pass

Free Summer Pass for students in the summer of 2022 that will be valid on local Marin Transit buses. Passes cannot be used on Golden Gate Transit routes. More information will be available in Spring 2022.