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Our Trees

Following valuable input from community stakeholders, the project team has updated the Redwood and Grant bus stop design to include a landscaping plan that preserves all existing redwood trees and adds 27 new trees, including seven additional redwoods.

HortScience - Consulting Arborists

Deanne Ecklund

Certified Arborist and ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor

Deanne Ecklund comes to HortScience with a strong technical background in horticulture, tree preservation, and tree risk assessment. She has experience in both landscape architecture and design and is familiar with all aspects of landscape management from design and installation to maintenance and construction oversight.

Prior to joining HortScience, Deanne was an arborist for the City of Palo Alto where she specialized in tree preservation and protection during residential and commercial development projects. She helped manage the integrated pest management program for the City's trees.

Deanne is a Certified Arborist (WE-9067A) and ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor. She is managing the RGTIP Tree Protection Plan.

Conservation Corps North Bay - Tree Removal Specialists

Mark Green

Development Director

Mark Green has held leadership positions in Bay Area nonprofit organizations since 1991. He was founding Executive Director of Sonoma County Conservation Action, which he developed into the largest environmental organization on the North Coast of California, and a founding director of the Friends of the Russian River (now Russian RiverKeeper), and has served on the boards of a variety of conservation and arts organizations in addition to his professional public interest work. He was recognized as the Sonoma County Environmentalist of the Year in 1997, and was appointed by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District Community Advisory Committee. He has consulted to a wide range of nonprofit and public agencies on organizational development, fund development and public policy strategy.

The Conservation Corps North Bay is committed to teaching youth with uncertain futures to create a better present and future for all. CCNB Natural Resources Crews work to make the environment safer, greener, healthier and more enjoyable and accessible for everyone. They have partnered with MCTD to provide the equipment and labor needed to remove necessary trees from the RGTIP construction zone.

For more information about Conservation Corps North Bay visit:

Tree Protection Plan

The following steps, as recommended by the Consulting Arborist, are key to protecting trees in the Tree Protection Zone (TPZ).

1. Any approved grading, construction, demolition or other work within the Tree Protection Zone should be monitored by the Consulting Arborist.

2. Tree protection fencing will be established prior to demolition and reconfigured as needed for the construction phase. Once established, tree protection fencing may not be moved without approval from the Consulting Arborist.

3. All work must be conducted in a manner that will prevent damage to trees that are being preserved.
For more information see the Tree Protection Plan Document.

Tree Maintenance

The following steps, as recommended by the Consulting Arborist, will be taken to maintain trees within the Tree Protection Zone.

1. Coast redwoods shall be irrigated before, during, and after construction. The Consulting Arborist will monitor soil moisture and adjust irrigation schedule as appropriate.
2. Wood chip mulch will be applied and maintained within the Tree Protection Zone.
3. Ongoing maintenance of tree health and structural stability following construction will include tasks such as annual inspections, pruning, fertilization, pest management and irrigation.

Tree Removal

A total of 17 trees will be removed, consistent with City of Novato tree protection requirements. The species of trees to be removed include sweetgum (Liquidambar), tulip tree, and Chinese pistache. The trees scheduled to be removed are within the current boundaries of Redwood Boulevard and must be removed for successful project construction. None of the 24 redwood trees will be removed.

Tree Replacement

Project plans call for a total of 27 trees to be planted in the final landscaping for RGTIP. Species include our iconic coast redwoods, London planetrees, eastern redbud, and red maple. These species have been selected due to their natural beauty, ability to thrive in Novato's climate, ease of maintenance, and growth structure that limits impacts on the surrounding curbs, streets and structures.

Learn about our new trees.