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Marin Transit is making a variety of improvements to local bus service throughout the county. These improvements include introducing smaller Community Shuttle buses in neighborhoods in Tiburon and Novato; expanding existing Community Shuttle routes to provide more direct connections between San Rafael and Novato; providing service to the new San Rafael Target store upon opening; providing a direct connection between Sausalito and Mill Valley; and providing more frequent and later evening service on select routes.

In total, 15,000 hours of service is being added, and most areas will experience an increase in service levels.

  • Replace Route 51 in Novato with Route 251
  • Extend Route 257 and Route 259 into Novato
  • Replace Route 19 in Tiburon with Route 219
  • Extend Route 23 east of the San Rafael Transit Center (SRTC) to serve the Canal and Target
  • Replace Route 29 weekend service with Route 28
  • Restructure Route 17 and Route 22 in South County

More detailed information about the service changes is presented below.

Guide to Local Transit Service Changes

This supplemental guide contains detailed information on the upcoming service changes

Download PDF a version of the guide in English or Spanish, or pick up a copy onboard the bus or at the San Rafael Transit Center.


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changes by route

The table below shows a summary of upcoming service changes by route number. PDFs can be downloaded for each route that summarizes the changes and includes new schedules.

Route Change Description Download PDF
17 modified Route extended south to Sausalito
Earlier northbound service on weekdays
Later service, daily
Service to St. Hilary replaced with Route 115
Eng | Spa
19 replaced Route replaced by Route 119 and Route 219  
22 modified Service ends in Marin City; service to Sausalito replaced by Route 17
Select trips operate 30 minutes later
Eng | Spa
23 modified Route extended daily east of San Rafael Transit Center to new San Rafael Target upon opening via the Canal
Weekend service ends in downtown Fairfax; weekend service to Manor now provided by Route 28 and Route 68
Eng | Spa
28 NEW! New route replaces Route 29 Saturday service and adds Sunday service; weekend service to the Canal provided by Route 23 and Route 35
Express service from San Rafael Transit Center to Larkspur Landing
Eng | Spa
29 modified Service along Kerner/Irene Loop replaced replaced by Route 23
Saturday service replaced by Route 23 and Route 28
Minor schedule time adjustments
Eng | Spa
35 modified Select trips replaced by Route 23
Later service, daily
Eng | Spa
49K replaced Route replaced by Route 259  
51 replaced Route replaced by Route 151, Route 154, and Route 251  
115 NEW! New route number & vehicle type (replaces Route 17 service)
Service begins at the Sausalito Ferry (Bay & Bridgeway)
Service to Willow Creek begins at Tam Junction
Eng | Spa
119 NEW! New route number & vehicle type (replaces Route 19 service) Eng | Spa
151 NEW! New route number & vehicle type (replaces Route 51 service) Eng | Spa
154 NEW! New route (replaces Route 51 service) Eng | Spa
219 NEW! New route number & vehicle type (replaces Route 19 service)
Additional ferry feeder service through Tiburon hills during commute hours
Earlier & later service daily
More frequent service daily
Service to Redwood HS replaced with Route 119
Service to Marin City provided by Route 17, Route 22, and Route 10 (weekdays only)
Eng | Spa
233 modified Weekday service operates one hour later
Minor schedule adjustments
Eng | Spa
251 NEW! New route number & vehicle type (replaces Route 51 service)
Route extended to Hamilton Theatre
Eng | Spa
257 modified Route extended to Indian Valley Campus (IVC)
Earlier & later service, weekdays
Eng | Spa
259 modified Route extended to downtown Novato via Hamilton
Later weekday service & added weekend service (replaces Route 49K service)
Northbound service runs along Las Gallinas Rd instead of Miller Creek Rd
Eng | Spa
Novato DAR modified Added weekday service to Margaret Todd Senior Center and Novato Human Needs facilities on select days
Earlier weekend service
Eng | Spa


changes by area

Area New Modified Replaced Download PDF
Canal 28 23, 29, 35   Eng | Spa
Novato 151, 154, 251 257, 259, Novato Dial-a-Ride 49K (see Route 259), 51 (see Routes 151, 154, & 251) Eng | Spa
Ross Valley 28 23, 29   Eng | Spa
Southern Marin 115, 119, 219 17, 22 19 (see Routes 119 & 219) Eng | Spa
Terra Linda   233, 257, 259 49K (see Route 259) Eng | Spa


route map

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Get more information on the upcoming service changes, including trip planning assistance
Call (415) 226-0871 or 711 (TDD)
In Person Look for representatives July 29th - August 10th to answer your questions:
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